Penny Lee

Penny Lee is a television,
film and video editor in the
Washington, DC area.

Words about Penny:

Let's face it, the talent pool in Washington only goes so deep. Penny Lee sits high atop its peak. She is my first choice for a film/video editor in D.C. Period
I always look forward to the opportunity to team up with her. Penny is a wonderful "story-telling" editor, able to capture the characters, drama, and through-line of the story, as well as putting the images together quickly and creatively. Added to that, she's just plain fun to be around!
Penny Lee is a consummate and creative professional. She takes on each editing job with fresh ideas and a positive attitude while always keeping the needs of the client in the forefront.
Penny is one of the fastest and most efficient editors I've ever worked with. She's always thinking about the next step which is invaluable on tight edit schedules. Very positive and great to collaborate with.

Latest Work:

A Year and Change

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